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May the bridges i burn light the way

May the bridges i burn light the way

Vetements has turned into a brand renowned for printing irregular maxims on hoodies, pants, and shirts. This season, one of those expressions is “May the extensions I consume light the way,” and it shows up on a dark tee and a maroon hoodie, the last of which was worn by Whoopi Goldberg on a new episode of The View. It was this public appearance that worked up some interest in the statement’s starting point.

Fortunately, a site called Grammarphobia has the response: It comes from the mouth of Dylan McKay.

Indeed, that Dylan McKay—the bespectacled character played by Luke Perry on the dearest ’90s exemplary Beverly Slopes 90210— The statement is from a 1994 episode named “Things That Go Bang in the Evening,” where Brandon Walsh (otherwise known as the other bearded character, played by Jason Priestley) stands up to Dylan over his foolish medication use.

Brandon Walsh: Dylan, as of now, I’m just about the only companion you have. Are you sure you believe that should do this? Drive me away, as you’ve done to every other person?

Forbes likes to assume that this is a humiliating history for such a cool-sounding statement. Yet, we need to ask absolutely what could be cooler than the way that this comes from Beverly Slopes 90210? It’s quite easy to find a boss statement in any semblance of Winston Churchill or Mark Twain. They burped out boss statements during their rest. Be that as it may, from the mouth of Luke Perry? On a high school cleanser? In 1994!?

Props to you, Vetements. That is some PhD-level wordsmithery. Fingers crossed that Demna Gvasalia will next mine The OC for his assortment. “Buddy, it’s the Long Island side, not Chechnya” would look executioner on the sleeve of a plane.\

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