Home News LeBron James’s net worth, early life, and much more

LeBron James’s net worth, early life, and much more

LeBron James’s net worth, early life, and much more

Who is LeBron James?

 LeBron James was an esteemed professional basketball player of America. Currently as a member of Los Angeles Laker he currently showcases his extraordinary skills. It is within the National Basketball Association. As the most illustrious basketball player he has established himself in history globally. Reports said that LeBron James net worth has hit $1 billion.

Among NBA players it is an unprecedented feat. From diverse sources his wealth originates. This includes endorsements, NBA salaries and some successful ventures of business. The earnings LeBron James has made from NBA salaries throughout his career is over $385 million.

 LeBron James’ early life

 On 30th December 1984 LeBron James was born in Akron. Ohio. LeBron got a basketball and a miniature hoop from his mother when he was an infant. He played with these things for hours. Then he made basketball his life. When he got old enough and played basketball for his elementary school he immediately excelled on the court. St Vincent-St Mary high school was the school that LeBron attended.

He joined the USA Today All USA first team as a sophomore. In the team he was the youngest person. He was named the Gatorade National Player of the year in his junior year. Also around this time he was known as “King James”. He was in high school but he started to appear in the sports illustrated and SLAM magazine.

As the first pick of the NBA draft of 2003 Cleveland Cavaliers chose LeBron James. In a single game he became the youngest person to score 40 points during the first season. Also he was voted Rookie of the year. Besides playing for Cleveland Cavaliers in 2004 and 2008 Olympics he has also played for the United States. He also won bronze and gold medals in it. In 2012 and 2013 NBA championship was won by Miami Heat and LeBron and for both series LeBron was the MVP.

Contracts made by LeBron

LeBron James net worth hits $1 billion by signing contracts, endorsements and by getting NBA salary. He skipped college as he was picked in the NBA draft in 2003. He was picked up from Cleveland Cavaliers, his hometown team. Ove 4 years $18.8 million were paid by his first contract. Before the 2007 and 2008 season he signed an extension of $60 million for three years with the Cavs. These 2007-2008 seasons then upped his annual salary to 413 million from $5.8 million. Then it goes to $14.4 million and then to $15.8 million. This is for the 2009-2010 season.

LeBron James’s net worth

 Then in 2011 the intention to leave Cleveland was announced by LeBron as he wants to go to Miami. He announced it with a televised special called “The Decision”. While for the arrogant television special he would be mocked for years roughly $6 million were raised by “the Decision” for charity. For 6 years LeBron took a lower than market rate of $110 million when he moved to Miami.

He does this as he thought that in Miami he could win an NBA championship. He then actually earned $1.2 million with The Heat in his first season which was less than what he was making in Miami. Then for the 2014-2015 season he came back to Cleveland. To maximize his earnings he purposely chose a 1 year contract. LeBron signed a $100 million three year deal with the Cavs after winning the 2016 NBA championship.

Career highlights of LeBron James

In the career of LeBron James he was a greatest basketball player and has numerous accolades and extraordinary achievements. With 6 impressive selections to All-Defensive Team LeBron James stands 6 number on the official NBA website. On all NBA teams he has 19 appearances and also on All-Rookie Team he has the recognition. On the court defensive prowess and skills are consistently displayed by LeBron.      


LeBron James is the greatest and successful basketball player of America. The LeBron James net worth hits $1 billion. He has earned this by the NBA salary, endorsements and by contracts he signed. He has started his basketball career from an early age. He played basketball in high school and from there he played in Cleveland. He also played in the Olympics for the United States and won many medals too. 

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