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How to see if someone is not following you on Facebook

How to see if someone is not following you on Facebook

Facebook a social media platform to connect with people

It is deconcentrating to discover in this vast digital realm of social media that someone has stopped following you. Lately Facebook has become a hub of gossip. It seems that the growth of the company is prioritized more than the privacy of the users by Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook has been changed from a social media app to a place where people are able to connect to a network of business. This connects thousands of customers to different brands. This has been done in the past few years. Now on Facebook without taking someone out of your friend list you can unfollow them.    

How to see if someone is not following you on Facebook

As you know, sharing to third-party apps or sites is not allowed by Facebook. It is not openly disclosed who viewed your profile on Facebook. However, to know if someone is not following you on Facebook has two ways.

1.    How to manually see this

Michael Vaughan the digital marketing specialist said that on the profile page there is a more tab located. By going on this tab and clicking on Followers to check out who follows you currently. Then if you don’t see someone from your friend list in the followers list then this means they have unfollowed you.

If this method doesn’t work then on Facebook go on to your profile. Then go to the Friends option. Then you will see a list of all your Facebook friends on the next page. Then click on Following in the menu. Then search the name of the friend and if the name doesn’t show up this means he doesn’t follow you anymore.

2.    How to see who is not following you with extension

You can’t remember names of all the friends who have unfollowed you if with your Facebook friends you have messed up a lot. Firefox and Google Chrome extensions can be used. The “Who Deleted Me” extension is a good example.

Click on the first link after simply searching ‘who deleted me chrome extension’. Then select add to chrome. Then login to your Facebook after saving this extension. By this your followers and friends lists are saved by the program. You then get notification whenever someone unfriends or unfollows you.

What does the terms unfollow and unfriend mean?

The term unfriends and unfollow sounds similar but they contain different consequences and implications. On Facebook whenever you become friends with someone you both automatically follow each other. By default this happens. When you unfriend someone automatically you unfollow them.

1.       Unfriending someone means from your feed their account will be totally removed. If you unfriend a Facebook user you are not able to see their followers list, feed and any data. This means that directly from this user you won’t get a message. Unfriending signifies the break in the online relationship. It has the direct connection between your profiles.

2.       The term unfollow means on this platform you are still connected with that person. But you just choose to stop seeing their feed and posts. By this you can control the content that you see while maintaining the virtual friendship. It is a little different if you unfollow someone. You will not be able to see anything they post but you will appear on their friend list. You will be able to see their friend list and can send each other messages. Basically unfollowing someone is a way to just remove them from your page. Also on Facebook you can see who is not following you.

Difference between unfriend and unfollow

Unfollowing just limits the content that appears on your feed but allows you to remain connected with that person. While if you unfriend someone you cut off the connection entirely. This is done by removing the person from your friend list. The choice between the two depends on how much you want an online person to know about you. Also you are able to see who is not following you on Facebook and who has unfriended you.


Now you know how you can see who is not following you. It is very easy to find out. Simply you have to go to your profile. Find the list of your following and then you have to just search for their name. If the person’s name appears this means you are not unfollowed by him.

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