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How to change language in amazon app?

How to change language in amazon app?

Amazon a global e-commerce app

Amazon is the global e-commerce app or website that is being used worldwide. It caters to millions of customers all over the world. As it is used worldwide, giving a seamless experience to users of different languages is crucial for amazon apps. The language is now able to be changed in the amazon app. This is to ensure that every person can easily shop from Amazon by using their own language. In this article we will tell you the process of how to change the language in the amazon app.

Steps for changing the language of amazon app and on desktop website

You can easily change the language of the Amazon app by some simple steps.

1.       Open the amazon app and click the menu icon that is on the top left corner of your screen.

2.       Tap on the settings option and look for the country and language option in the setting menu and click it.

3.       Then tap on the language option available in the country and language menu.

4.       Then it will open a list of languages. Find your preferred language.

5.       After finding the language you want, select that language. This will change the language of the app.

Changing the language in amazon website

1.   Go to Amazon’s website in any web browser. Then click on the flag icon on the right hand side.

2.   Then you will see the different languages that are offered by Amazon. Find your preferred language

3.   Then select the language that you want.

4.   Then click the change country/region button in order to use Amazon in your preferred language.

5.   Now from the dropdown menu select the country. Then choose the language. As they are region specific, supported languages will change accordingly.

Benefits for changing the language of Amazon app

Changing the language of the app offers many benefits.

·         As you can use and navigate the app more easily by selecting your preferred language. As all the options available in the app such as categories, menus and product details are shown in the language that you understand well.

·         It also helps to ensure that the results that you get from your searches are more relevant. This helps in finding the products of your will more efficiently.

·         By it you are also able to read and understand the description of the product provided by the seller. You can also easily read the customer reviews for that product which will help in making the purchase decision.

·         By changing the language of the Amazon app you will be able to communicate easily with the seller or the customer support.

·         You can get good assistance when you understand what they are saying. You can ensure that your problems and concerns are easily delivered and resolved.

·         By selecting the language and the region you also get to know the exclusive offers and discounts available in your region.

Steps if there is any difficulty in changing the language

If in the Amazon app you find any difficulty in changing the language you should follow these troubleshooting tips.

1.       You should ensure that the amazon app should be updated to its latest version. As the old and outdated versions lack certain language options.

2.       You should check that the language settings in your device are correctly configured. As the app as a default may rely on the device’s language.

3.       After these steps if you find some type of  inconsistencies and glitches so you should clear the cache of the Amazon app. By this action the temporary issues are resolved and the app’s setting is refreshed.

4.       If these steps do not help then uninstall the amazon app and install it again. This method can help to resolve the issue in the setting of language.


It is the simple process to change the language of the Amazon app which helps in enhancing your shopping experience significantly. Using the app more easily, accessing the localized deals and making effective purchase decisions easily can be done. This is by using above mentioned steps of how to change language in Amazon app. It provides ease and convenience of using this app in preferred language. By this your shopping journey is made more delightful.

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