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Everything you should know about AR zone app

Everything you should know about AR zone app

AR zone app

Samsung AR zone is one of the official Samsung apps for taking advantage of all the latest updates that are featuring augmented reality technologies. Some of the latest models from this Korean company include depth vision technologies. 

This application is compatible with all kinds of Samsung devices. This application comes in pre-installed devices that includes all the Samsung devices after Android 10 including Samsung Galaxy S20, S21, Z flip and S22. This app is not available on all android devices.

How to use an AR zone app?

There are very simple steps to use AR zone app which are listed below:

1.   Unlock your device and go to the app menu

2.   Tap on AR Zone

3.   Tap on the features you want to use

4.   There are many features available such as AR doodle, AR Emoji stickers, Deco pic and many more.

5.   Choose any feature and enjoy.


Like Snapchat AR zone app also allows users to create fun photos that include masks, stickers, filters and other AR elements. The features are as follows:

1. AR Emoji Studio

This feature helps in creating your own emoji and even auto generated emoji. To create your own emoji, click on the make from pic or make from selfie. It will automatically create emoji that are based on your facial features. Put your face at the picture center and then click on the capture button.

Then choose you age and gender and wait for the application to make an emoji. Customize your look of emoji and clothes while using the emoji generator. When done select on OK and select All done.

2. AR Emoji camera

This feature helps in recording videos and taking photos while using the My Emoji character. It will replace your face and body in the camera. Click on the AR emoji camera and pick the emoji and mode you like to use. This includes mirror, play, mask and scene.

Mask function is just like the snapchat filter that helps in replacing the face. Mirror put your emoji in the center of the screen. Play takes your emoji in the real world.

3. AR emoji stickers

Using AR Emoji stickers, you can create the stickers with funny poses and expressions. Select any of the Auto generated stickers and customize your stickers and make them on your own. The icons on the screen allow you to add backgrounds, text, sticker elements, expressions and actions. After doing this click on save to save your emoji.

4. AR Doodle

Take videos and photos and overlay them with drawing and handwriting. This AR doodle helps you in using different markers, pens and other AR elements to create doodles. You can also send this to your friends to enjoy.

5. Deco Pic

You can take videos and photos featuring the stickers just like snapchat. After selecting Deco pic click on the masks, frames, GIFs and stamps to add features while taking selfies.

6. Quick measure

This is one of the most sophisticated tools on the AR zone app. This can be used to measure the distance and size of the objects in real time. Grant quick measure the permission that is required to use. Focus your camera on something and this feature will estimate the subject distance. Click on the plus icon and add a point and then move the cameras to measure the distance wherever you target your camera.

7. Picture link

Picture link will help users in creating AR markers. Add this AR feature to your videos and pictures and share it with your family and friends. Focus your camera on something and this feature will capture icons when you are okay with the selection. Users can also add media to the marker. This could be any sound file, video or image. Every time you focus on the camera at the area or object, that sound or image will appear.


Samsung AR zone app has lots of benefits that are as follows:

1.   Provides interactive content that allows users to explore the surrounding

2.   Enable users to place the AR chapter in any location and they can interact with the environment.

3.   This app gives users the chance to explore the surroundings in a new and best way.

4.   It also provides the landmarks and information at the places of interest.

5.   It makes it easy for people to find more interesting places when they are exploring and traveling to their own town and city.


AR zone app is the mobile app that is developed by Samsung for the android devices. It is made in a way that enhances the experience of the users by providing them with good features of Augmented reality. This app also helps in making videos using AR effects.

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