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Best high-risk merchant highriskpay.com Accounts

Best high-risk merchant highriskpay.com Accounts

What is high risk merchant highriskpay.com?

If your account is determined as high risks for fraud, charge backs or a high volume returns then a merchant account may be labeled as high risk. This is done by a payment processor. It will be harder to find a payment processing service provider or find a traditional bank if the risk is greater. In serving high risk businesses many vendors are specialized if still you are not out of luck.

Reasons for the high risk merchant highriskpay.com

There are many reasons because of which your account can be characterized as high risk by a payment processing platform. There is a different set of criteria for every provider. Some general guidelines for labeling an account as high risk are.

1.   If the merchants have a higher volume of transactions or high transaction rate than average then they may be considered high risk. A merchant may be considered high risk If in a month he processes over $20000 payments. If he has an average transaction of more than $500 then also he will be considered as high risk. 

2.   If in the countries that are listed as fraud the sales are done by the merchants then they are considered as high risk.

3.   If a merchant has minimal history of transaction or has never processed payments then he might be considered as high risk. This is because there is no track record of them.

4.   A merchant might be considered high risk if he has a spotless record. This is because they are working in an industry that is considered to be a high risk of returns, fraud or chargebacks. As the subscription based companies have many people who have signed up for the trial and didn’t cancel their payments. They are considered as high risk.

How to choose the service provider of a high risk merchant highriskpay.com account?

As the terms of every bank or payment processing platform is different for labeling the merchant at high risk. So read the contract carefully before choosing your payment processing platform. Keep some considerations in mind before choosing a high risk merchant highriskpay.com account’s service provider.

1.   All businesses are not accepted by the high risk merchant’s specialized account providers. If you have an offshore company, you operate a higher-risk business or have a poor credit then to cater specifically to your circumstances look for vendors.

2.   In serving your business, vendors tend to balance their risk. They do this by charging higher fees than the low risk businesses.

3.   For a merchant account the approval odds could be impacted by businesses ‘slow credit score.  You should work on your credit score if you get rejected for a merchant account.

4.   Business and tax documents are required to be provided when you apply for a merchant account. Payment provider will then assess your merchant account after the application that you have given will be processed.

Higher fees required for higher risk businesses

Every platform of credit card processing is different. But across the board for higher risk merchant accounts higher fees are required. Sometimes this processing fee is doubled from the low risk merchant account. Also a chargeback fee is played by a low risk merchant account.

Higher risk merchants are locked into longer contracts and terms. They are also obligated to an early fee of termination or annual or a monthly fee. To a rolling reserve a high risk account might be subjected.it is where a certain percent of your income is held by the payment processor. It is held until your transaction is further verified to check if it were not fraudulent.

Also it is done at risk of chargeback. As your business develops you should keep in mind that your risk status changes. Shifting industries or by expanding your work in different industries changes the risk level of your business.


High risk merchant highriskpay.com accounts are labeled as high risk by payment processors. This is determined by the high volume returns, fraud or for chargebacks. If over $20,000 payments per month are projected by merchants then the business is considered as high risk. Higher pay is required for high risk businesses then the low risk businesses. This is because the vendors have to balance their risks in serving your business.

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