Home News For gaming enthusiasts, Alienware 17in Laptop unleashes the performance and power

For gaming enthusiasts, Alienware 17in Laptop unleashes the performance and power

For gaming enthusiasts, Alienware 17in Laptop unleashes the performance and power

What is an Alienware 17 Laptop?

A tremendous evolution is witnessed by the gaming industry in recent years. As powerful hardware is demanded by gaming enthusiasts so that they can get fully immersed in the virtual worlds. Alienware is one of the brands that has stood out consistently to deliver laptops of high gaming performance. For high performance, quality and sleek designs it is known.

With top notch gaming experiences Alienware has become synonymous. Alienware 17in Laptop is the supreme and has an impressive lineup among the other laptops of Alienware. It has top notch components, cutting edge technology and stunning display. These things create the best gaming experience for the gamers. This Laptop is a dream come true for gaming enthusiasts because of its extraordinary capabilities and features.

Processors and other specifications of Alienware 17in Laptop

The portability and power is combined in the Alienware 17in Laptop as it is a marvel of engineering. Immersive gaming experience is provided by its 17 inch display which is a visual treat. It has smooth visuals and crisp, vibrant colors. It is a true powerhouse as easily it can handle the most demanding gaming titles.

There is an Intel core i7 processor in the heart of this beast. By this processor a lightning fast performance and seamless multitasking is ensured. All resource intensive games are handled effortlessly by it as it contains a clock speed up to 5 GHz. In all its glory it allows the gamers to experience action. The latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphic card is also boasted by the Laptop. This is delivering smooth frame rates and breathtaking visuals even in the complex games.

Feature of this Laptop

The stunning 17-inch display is the standout feature of Alienware 17in Laptop. A resolution of 1920×1080 pixels is boasted by this full HD display. Sharp details, vibrant colors and excellent contrast is offered by it. Whether you are engaging in intense firefights and exploring vast open worlds, every detail that is shown is crystal clear. The NVIDIA G-SYNC technology is also supported by this Laptop. The stuttering and screen tearing is eliminated by this technology. This results in very smooth gameplay.

Storage of this Laptop

The ample space is provided by Alienware 17in Laptop to accommodate your vast library of gaming. With a SSD (Solid State Drive) quick access to the games and blazing fast load times in the game can be enjoyed. This SSD ranges from 256GB to 1 TB. Also the multiple USB ports are offered by this laptop. This includes Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1. By this you can use external storage devices to get more storage options.

Design and cooling system of Alienware 17in Laptop

A sleek and stylish design is maintained by Alienware 17in Laptop despite its powerful hardware. The colors and effects are customized by the Laptop’s iconic AlienFX lightning system. By this a personal touch to your gaming setup is added. With Alienware’s TactX technology the keyboard is equipped.

By it the customizable lighting zones and responsive keys are offered. From a durable material the laptop’s chassis is constructed. By this it is ensured that it is able to withstand the gam9ng rigors on the go. The advanced cooling system is another noteworthy aspect of the Alienware 17in Laptop. The temperature of the Laptop is kept in check by Alienware’s Cryo Tech cooling technology even during extended sessions of gaming.

There are copper heat pipes and vapor chambers that are strategically placed. The heat is dissipated efficiently by it. The performance throttling is prevented by it. This also ensures that your experience of gaming does not get interrupted.


The Alienware 17in Laptop is one of the effective laptops of the Alienware brand. It is a powerhouse by which immersive gaming experience and unparalleled performance is delivered. Its stunning display, powerful hardware, advanced and effective cooling system and the best audio quality gives the gaming enthusiasts an amazing gaming experience.

It has become a dream come true for them. With its customizable features and sleek design it not only performs well but also looks too attractive. Whether you are a professional esports player or a casual gamer the Alienware 17in Laptop is the best laptop to get the amazing gaming experience.    


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