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10 best ways to fix SOS only iPhone issue

10 best ways to fix SOS only iPhone issue

What does SOS only iPhone mean?

The SOS icon that you will see on your iPhone shows that the user no longer has the proper internet or cellular connection and they can only complete an SOS call or only text to emergency services.

The SOS appears in the status bar at the top of the iPhone where the cellular connection will display. iPhone 13 or below has passed out SOS service that users will see when shifting to “No Service”. In iPhone 14 it helps in introducing SOS capability so if a user is diving deep sea with their iPhone 14 device then they will not be receiving this SOS message.

Reasons why iPhone say SOS only

Below are the reasons why iPhone says SOS only:

1.   The iPhone may show the message when the user is in an area that has poor connection or no internet coverage.

2.   SOS only messages appear if the carrier faces issues with the internet or when the server is down.

3.   IPhone may display the SOS only message if the SIM card has been damaged or not currently inserted.

4.   If the user has turned on airplane mode and forgot to switch it back off. This is also the reason iPhone may not be able to connect to the cellular network

5.   Sometimes updating the iOS device causes connectivity issues on the device which will show the user SOS only message.

10 ways to fix SOS only IPhone now

If there is a problem with the internet, then try the below steps to turn off your SOS only iPhone.

1.   Turn off and on to the cellular data

Maybe the device may have stuck to the network error. By disabling and enabling cellular data it gives a fresh connection to the device and it may fix the error.

2.   Enabling data roaming

The problem behind the SOS only on iPhone may be the data disabling issue. If someone is traveling, they should make sure to check the setting before traveling.

3.   Switch to LTE or 4G

5G is not yet fully functional all over the world. It may affect the signal’s connection and strength. It is good to disable 5G on the iPhone and make sure to stick to the 4G if this problem is faced.

4.   Restart device to fix SOS only iPhone

The most quoted and convenient troubleshooting method. It works in many users’ favor as well. Resetting the cached and restarting device can solve many bugs, issues and errors. It allows a stable internet connection and fixes the issues.

5.   Update carrier setting

These updating settings are designed to improve the internet connectivity and overall performances. It is default set automatically but you can also check and update the carrier settings on the iPhone. But before doing all this make sure to connect the device to the Wi-Fi and your data should be on.

6.   Enable and disable automatic network selection

This setting makes sure that the user is connected to the right network that helps in allowing stable internet connection. Turning it on and off helps in pushing your device and it also helps in reestablishing the network connection. This step also helps in turning off SOS on the device.

7.    Re insert sim in your device

This doesn’t happen much because the physical sim card can interfere with network connectivity. A simple reset will help you get rid of SOS only on the iPhone. Take the sim out of your device. Restart the phone and then re-insert the sim.

8.   Update the iOS

Users may see the SOS symbol because of the software issue. You can also resolve it with an Operating system update. Make sure to check the update and install it.

9.   Contact your carrier

If none of the solutions helps, then contact the carrier for assistance. They will help in diagnosing and fixing the SOS only issue.

10. Reset the network setting

Reset all the network settings that will help in erasing all the network related settings that include VPN passwords and Wi Fi. It will restore the settings to the default.


If anyone’s iPhone is displaying an SOS only iPhone message, then it is very frustrating. It is more bad when the user is relying on their phone for communication. This article has provided the 10 ways of fixing SOS only message which will help users to diagnose and to fix the issue. It will also help users to restore the iPhone’s network connectivity.

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